Intermediate Firearms for Level III & IV | Houston, TX

Firearm Training for Level 3 and 4 Security Officers

Course Short Description: This a fast phase dry fire to live fire course where safety is the paramount consideration without compromising the learning objective. This is not a basic firearms class where student will learn to shoot for the first time or simply qualify with 50 rounds of ammunition. Students are expected to have familiarity with their own firearms and duty equipment.

Training Objective: The objective of this training is for students to train and experience a reality based scenario that will help manage combat stress in the use of firearms in a defensive dynamic environment relevant to their job as security professionals.


  • Student will be given briefing on how to properly set-up their duty rig to maximize it’s potential on duty.
  • Student will experience shooting from holster and re-holster after shooting.
  • Student will experience timed (speed/under stress) shooting drills to develop techniques in managing combat stress.
  • Student will experience mandatory tactical reload and simulated malfunction drills during live fire exercises.
  • Students will experience shooting from barricade, dynamic movements during live fire exercises, and transitions from strong hand to off hand shooting during live fire drills.
  • Students will get additional individualized tips and coaching.

Cost: $200.00 (Paid in advance with a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 if the student failed to attend after reservation) Registration will close 3 Days before the class. There are only 15 slots available for this training date. You MUST first call to confirm availability. The class will be held at Top Gun's Houston Office location.

Duration: Six (6) Hours

Documentation: Certificates will be issued (valid for 90 days if used as Firearms Proficiency Certification for Re-qualification purposes either Level 3 or 4)

Pre-requisite: Student must be Level 3 or Level 4 or at least finished Level 3 course.

Venue/Facility: Gun Range only

Equipment requirement: Personal weapon with at least three (3) magazines; Full Duty Rig (with all accessories including baton, handcuffs, OC, etc.); Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition; Shotgun for those certified with shotgun or are willing to get certified; at least 15 shells of 12 gauge “00” buck shot or slug shotgun shells; eyes and ears protection; ball cap (cap with bill); must wear duty boots/shoes; bullet proof vest if available and being used on duty; Hydration and snacks.

Student Considerations: This is a physically demanding course. Build acceptable level of stamina, hydrate and have enough sleep before the training day. Students with existing medical conditions need to inform Top Gun security Academy. Student who will violate safety protocols or have accidental/negligent discharge during course will be asked to leave without refund.


  1. Complete the enrollment form below and send to one of the corresponding course locations listed at the bottom of the form. Someone will contact you soon to confirm your class date.
  2. Please give us a call to pay for class with credit card.
Training Academy - Universal Enrollment Form