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Security Assessment

Let Top Gun Consulting and Investigations help you with your security questions and security needs by conducting a full security assessment of your business. Security Assessments are an effective way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem. During a Security Assessment, key aspects of your security program are assessed, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for security improvements are made. 

In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient are identified. This assessment process is constantly evolving, allowing us to take advantage of lessons learned from previous assessments, and to keep up with the latest security best practices. Our basic Security Assessment uses a structured analysis process that allows us to develop a deep understanding of your business, operating conditions, and unique security risks and threats. After receiving your request, one our Certified Security Consultants will call you to setup an appointment.

Security Assessment

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