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Services in Austin

Top Gun’s Austin security guard branch consists of hand-selected security specialists in the guarding field and veterans of private investigation and bodyguarding. Every one of our talented security guards is licensed by the great state of Texas to perform the most thorough of patrols and background checks when hired for the protection of a client’s assets. Our professional team has a stellar legacy of providing security services in Austin and beyond with discretion and tact.

Nothing but the Best

Don’t settle for clumsy “security” staff who embarrass themselves in your presence or risk damaging your valuable image. Don’t accept security services in Austin that have lacking track records. Top Gun Security offers only the finest security guards in Austin that have been trained to superior standards at the forefront of the protection and investigation industries. Not only that but our staff in the field are selected for their familiarity with the dangers and challenges unique to each area of operation and are trained to succeed in all forms of weather.

Services in Austin

For over 30 years, our security guard company in Austin has provided services to clients in need of protection and justice, including:

Guarding buildings and homes

Private investigations for criminal and civil cases

Locating missing people and property

Patrolling in all forms of inclement weather

Animal abuse and maltreatment claims

Discreet investigations into infidelity and cheating

Performing background research for security-minded clientele

Screening services for security-minded employers

Covert surveillance for extended periods of time

Restricting areas of important access

Proactive loss prevention services

Conducting area studies for businesses and their security needs

Child custody cases involving biological and non-biological guardians

Domestic abuse cases


Security Guard Training in Austin

Do you already have a staff, but are less than impressed by their performance? Take advantage of our decades of experience by utilizing our security guard training in Austin, Texas! Turn your guardsmen into the professionals that you deserve to protect what matters most from those who would seek it ill intent. Our comprehensive security training program in Austin can be tailored to the exact nature of your business regardless of its size.

Are you in the business of providing personal protection for important clients? We also perform bodyguard training in Austin as well along with extensive background checks in relationship with those involved to guarantee only the most competent, dedicated bodyguards are ready for duty at the drop of a hat.

Benefits to Becoming a Security Guard

Our Locations

Top Gun Security is prepared for deployment across all of Texas, and our security guard company in Austin has performed work in:




West Lake Hills

Cedar Park


Sunset Valley

Round Rock

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Top Gun Security’s premier security guards, bodyguards, and private investigators are only a phone call or email away from being at your service. Contact us today to learn more about why Top Gun is the premier choice for those who value only the greatest!

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