Security Guard Training and Gun Classes in Houston

Top Gun Security is a state-licensed security guard training organization and academy that’s proud to serve all of Texas. The goal of our security training academy in Houston is to be your top choice for putting a tip on the spear of your guardian knowledge and repertoire. We’re known for our exceptional quality service and customer satisfaction. Please call 281-335-3641 for class dates and times

How to become a Security Officer or Bodyguard in Texas

Online Security Guard Training in Houston

With our tested online training program, any future or current security guard in Texas can benefit from our knowledge and obtain their official Texas certification in less than five hours! Our online training courses are here for your convenience; we’ve designed them to be easy to download and pay for with minimal hassle so that you can start learning ASAP. You can take our Houston security training courses on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Armed Security Guard Training in Houston

Are you looking to become an armed security officer? Then look no further than our arms training academy. Our armed security officer courses must be taken in person on location so that you can properly learn and be evaluated. When carrying a firearm, there is an additional layer of risk and responsibility. Therefore, there’s nothing more important than having the best training possible to keep you both safe and effective at your posting. Our Level 3 Armed Guard course covers range time, cuffing, holds, restraints, and more.

On-Location Security Guard Training in Houston

If you already have a team of security professionals, but you want to elevate their level of performance or general knowledge in their field, then enroll them in our leveled security guard training program! Make use of our generations of knowledge and decades of field experience in Texas. Aid yourself by aiding your team so that they can deliver the best security guard experience possible for your clients and shelter them from those that would seek to mar their belongings or personhood. Regardless of the size of your current staff, our Houston security guard training will allow you to tailor your training protocols to address whatever missions your team regularly handles. Top Gun Security also provides background checking services for new staff so that you know exactly what you’re getting when a fresh face walks through your doorway.

Ready to Get the Best Security Guard Training in Houston?

Top Gun Security’s highly-motivated staff of security guard trainers in your area are one phone call or email away. We’re ready to deploy to any Houston-based security guard training location that you’d need and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about why Top Gun has been Texas’ number-one choice for training security guards for decades!

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