To Protect &
Deter Crime

Top Gun Consulting & Investigations is built on integrity, honesty, and years of experience. It is the goal of Top Gun to provide the best service available and to be available for our clients. Customer service is a top priority for Top Gun. Our staff and private investigators are licensed by the state of Texas and meet the highest criteria in the field. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients with the highest manner of professionalism. 

Jeff Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Jeff Moore is a well-known figure in the security profession, as well as the private investigation world. Prior to taking on the position of C.E.O. for Top Gun Body Guard, Investigations & Security Consulting he was the Regional Manager for Texas for United American Security and Garda World. Prior to working for UAS and GardaWorld Mr. Moore was an owner of a very successful security company called Top Gun Security & Investigations which he sold in 2017. In just over 7 years he was able to grow his company to over 14,000 weekly billable hours and in the 4 major cities in Texas with no acquisitions. He is also a licensed Private Investigator with the State of Texas for over 18 years now. He currently serves on the State Board as President for the largest security organization in Texas called A.S.S.I.S.T. (Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas). He also served as head chairman for a very important committee in Texas: “Assault Against A Security Officer.” Which he was responsible for creating.

He was formerly the President of the Houston “L.E.A.P.S Program” (Law Enforcement and Private Security) and worked very closely with the Houston Police Department. Mr. Moore’s security credentials include the following: Licensed Security Consultant, Texas Commissioned Officer, Personal Protection Officer and he also serves as an “expert witness” on security or investigative related cases. Mr. Moore has done personal protection details that have included protecting such high-profile clients and celebrities as Roger Clemens, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Deon Sanders, Trent Green, Barbra Bush, and a very famous George W. Bush impersonator. Mr. Moore has secured many high-profile executives and has done security consulting for top clearance governmental facilities advising them of their weak points and vulnerable areas.

Mr. Moore has a very extensive career in the Security and Private Investigative field. He has received special training in such fields as Active Shooter Training, Intrusion Testing, Corporate Loss Prevention Nationwide, Fraud Investigations, DNA and Evidence Gathering, Research, Accident Investigations, Interrogations, and Interviewing Techniques and Identity Theft. Mr. Moore has also been the Chief Instructor at a private investigation academy and has been responsible for training hundreds of new private investigators in Texas. Some of the largest cases Mr. Moore has worked on are the “Clara Harris Case” in Houston, Texas the wife who ran over her husband with her Mercedes Benz and the “Robert Durst” case in Galveston Island the subject who killed his neighbor and disposed of his body in the bay. Mr. Moore has done guest appearances on many TV talk shows and news programs including Maury Povich, Montel Williams, At Large with Geraldo Rivera, 48 Hours, NBC Dateline, Court TV, Snapped on Oxygen, Sharon Crier, Nancy Grace, Fox News, CNN News, BBC TV in London, Great Day Houston and all the local Houston news stations on numerous occasions. Mr. Moore has been published in several books such as “A Deadly Secret”, “Driven to Kill” and magazines including Texas Monthly and Managing Security Today. Mr. Moore has also had his comments and stories printed nationwide from the Houston Chronicle to the New York Post, New York Times, and L A Times just to name a few. Mr. Moore is a highly requested guest speaker for civic groups, associations, and other public venues regarding his professional experiences and knowledge.

Chief Jeff Moore is now very excited to be part of a truly exceptional team, Top Gun Body Guard and Security Consulting. As the CEO for Top Gun Body Guard & Security Consulting, he looks forward to continued success with his new team of professional partners that all have the experience and expertise to make Top Gun a complete success that will know no boundaries.

Rick Coker

Chief of Operations

Rick has vast experience in both Law Enforcement (Retired Deputy Sheriff/Collin County Sheriff Department and Police Officer/Jersey Village PD) and the Private Security Services Industry with a vast number of years of experience. His background consists of rankings (in Law Enforcement) from Senior Deputy/FTO, Plain Clothes Warrant Division Detail Supervisor, Lead Protection Deputy for protective details (CCSD), and Senior Patrol Officer (JVPD) along with various rankings in the Private Security Industry of Vice President/CCTV Division (Denver Burglar Alarm), Deputy Chief (Medusa Security), and Chief of Operations/Managing Partner and Sales/Special Assignments Director for Top Gun Body Guard & Security Consulting. Besides handling the duties/responsibilities of his day to day activities with Top Gun Body Guard & Security Consulting, Rick also is a Protective Service Leader for one of Houston’s/the Country’s major Churches, which requires him to travel with the Church/Family from time to time.

In addition to his Law Enforcement and Private Security background, Rick also has many years in the Corporate sector with many Fortune 500 Companies such as General Electric, Haliburton/Otis Engineering, Millicom International Telecommunications, PrePaid Legal Services just to name a few. He has served in different capacities with these various companies, from positions of Senior Level Management to Executive Level Management positions. Furthermore, Rick has vast worldwide travel experience ranging from Europe to Africa and from North America to South America giving him a lot of working exposure to multi-cultures and very diverse ranges of people skills. Rick’s Corporate experiences mainly focused on the duties of Sales Training/Sales Management, Recruiting, Managing of Teams, Departments and Divisions as well as performing Corporate Speaking engagements.

Rick’s Law Enforcement and Private Security Training/Certifications includes: Law Enforcement Training Academy (732 hours); Plus – Certified ASP Tactical Baton/Handcuffing Instructor; DPS Certified Classroom and Firearm Instructor; U.S. DOT Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course for Law Enforcement; Certified Instructor for Aerosol Subject Restraint with Application; Defensive Tactics/Tactical Baton/Side Handle Baton; TCIC/NCIC Training; Radar Certification; Personal Protection/Executive Protection Specialized Training conducted by the US Secret Service (Denver, CO), Specialized Training in CCTV/Card Access Security Assessments, License to Carry (DPS) Handgun Instructor/LTC License along with Security Officers Licenses in (Level III and IV) as well as Security Managers License (Qualified Manager), Private Investigators License and Security Sales License all approved by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Private Security Board (PSB).

Rick also has vast knowledge in Active Shooter Situational Awareness training by Texas A&M (Civilian Response/Train the Trainer), Mass Casualty Emergencies Awareness by Harris County Fire Marshal, and by FEMA in Active Shooter: What You Can Do. Rick is very excited and very honored to be a part of such an exceptional organization with such outstanding leadership and now playing a contributing role on a team with such an incredible number of combined years of experience in Law Enforcement, Private Security, and the Military. Looking forward to seeing where God is going to take Top Gun Body Guard next…With God All Things are Possible!