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Top Gun Private Investigators in Houston, TX

Top Gun Investigations is comprised of a highly trained and experienced group of investigators. All our private investigators in Houston, TX are licensed by the state of Texas and are committed to fulfilling your investigative needs in a discreet, confidential and professional manner. Investigative services offered by our private investigators include but are not limited to: surveillance, locates, missing persons, loss prevention, criminal and civil type cases, background and research, 

Employment background screening, countermeasures/bugging or eavesdropping device location and covert spy equipment. Please contact Top Gun Investigations today for all your investigative needs. We can help anywhere, anytime.

Austin: 512-598-6705 Dallas: 214-761-3230 Houston: 281-335-3641 San Antonio: 210-880-9628


Surveillance can be a helpful tool to document the activity of a subject(s). Our investigators work in a discreet and confidential way to obtain and document the evidence to support your case. Top Gun employs surveillance in infidelity, child custody, worker’s comp, criminal and civil cases and more.


The research department of Top Gun utilizes the most up to date and secure resources along with our years of experience to find the information our clients are looking for. Research is used in many cases including locates, background investigations, court records, and address and business reports.

Service Areas

Our private investigators are licensed to perform investigations in the state of Texas including the Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio area. With our corporate location in Houston, Tx, we can also provide service outside these areas including nationwide service if required.

Private Investigations Houston, TX

Top Gun Specializes in Infidelity Private Investigations

We Find the Answers You So Desperately Need to Gain Peace in Your Life.

We know how hard it is to function when you just don't know the answer. You have that gut feeling, but you have no proof. You don't want to over react but you don't want to be taken advantage of either. Please call us if you need help. Let's talk about your situation and get answers. We can meet with you privately to discuss your situation if desired. Top Gun is always discreet and professional. All our services are confidential to protect your privacy. We can help you find the truth you need. Wouldn't it feel good to finally know?

If you would like to take advantage of any of our investigative services please contact us and let a Top Gun private investigator put your worries to rest.

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