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Level II Unarmed Security Officer in Houston, TX

Level II security personnel training represents the starting point for security officers in Houston, TX. To become a Level II unarmed guard, one must cover a six-hour course that covers topics such as crime prevention, security guard ethics, report writing, emergency response, and more. However, what sets Top Gun apart from the competition is the advanced training modules that take our Level II guards to the next level. 

All graduates from our Level II unarmed guard program are required to pass the additional training at our security academy. Advanced unarmed guard training consists of an additional three hours of specialized instruction which further hones critical security skills. This includes high-level de-escalation techniques such as verbal judo, public speaking, informative-but-concise writing, and more. 

Top Gun Security is the largest security guard training facility in Houston, and we attract students from all across the state of Texas. Therefore, we’re able to have our pick of top-notch unarmed security officers, allowing us to make direct hires from our graduating classes. Our reputation for professionalism speaks for itself in the form of the security professionals we create. 

unarmed security guards Houston, TX
Benefits to Becoming a Security Guard

Industries Served

Level II unarmed security services are applicable to many industries, especially those looking for the highest quality security specialists. These services can include by are not limited to:

  • Healthcare facility security
  • Senior Living facility security
  • Building protection
  • Financial institution security
  • Corporate asset protection
  • Employee safety
  • Industrial security
  • School and private Montessori security
  • Residential security for condos, gated communities, etc.
  • Hotel security
  • High-end apartment and high rises security
  • Civil case/civil standby protection
  • On-site asset protection
  • Workplace violence civil standbys
  • Domestic violence civil standbys
  • Family issues and child custody protection
  • Divorce/separation protection
  • Protective order protection
  • Stalking protection

All of the services listed above and more are performed by uniformed officers professionally trained for their specific security tasks by Top Gun’s elite instructors. Armed guard services are available at the client’s request.  

Austin: 512-598-6705 Dallas: 214-761-3230 Houston: 281-335-3641 San Antonio: 210-880-9628

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Top Gun Security offers unarmed security services in DallasSan Antonio, and Austin as well as the greater Houston area. If you’d like to start taking security seriously, you’ve found the right people to protect what matters most. Contact us today via phone or email to learn more about our unarmed security services for your needs. 

unarmed security guards Houston, TX

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