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Background Checks Houston, TX

Top Gun Investigations allows clients across Houston,TX access to the best screening and background check services in Houston and beyond. In today’s era, personal security has never been more complex, and technology has made protection a double-edged sword.

While it can be used to investigate, it can just as easily be used to obscure. Do you know who you’re bringing into your social sphere or work circle? Don’t take a needlessly risky leap of faith; reach out to Top Gun Investigations to have all of your Houston background checks done right.

Pre-Employment Background Checks in Houston, TX

When you’re going to dedicate your precious time to training a new employee, you’ll want to know that they’re worth it. Additionally, there are multiple legal obligations that many industries are beholden to that insist employees performing certain roles are not restricted from accessing specific goods or spaces. Top Gun Investigations allows you the peace of mind that your employees are cleared to perform essential career duties thanks to thorough background screening services in Houston.

Civil & Criminal Background Checks in Houston, TX

Our expertise doesn’t end with aiding employers in discovering important information about their prospective employees; Top Gun Investigations has been providing both civil and criminal background checks in Houston for matters ranging from child custody cases to stolen asset searches. Our scope of surveillance spans the entire United States, with our team of local investigation experts trained and ready to travel to locate even the most elusive of individuals with the goal of helping legal professionals obtain justice.

Common reasons our professional investigators in Houston screen include:

  • criminal convictions
  • prior address verification
  • previous employment verification
  • education verification
  • driving records
  • sex offender lists
  • misdemeanor convictions

Our team has the talent and capacity to investigate multiple targets across any field so that no stone is left unturned. If you’re prepared to work with the best background check service providers in Houston, then call or email Top Gun Investigations today!

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