Expandable Baton

Expandable Baton Class in Houston, Texas

Cost: $50 (Must be paid for in advance using the link below. No Refunds)

Class Held: Call 281-335-3641 for class dates

Location: You must first call to confirm availability. The class will be held at Top Gun's Houston Office Location.

Hours: 4


Class Overview

The course covers the proper use of the expandable tactical baton and its limitations. 

This class will certify the user to carry an Expandable Baton in private security in Texas. Expandable Batons are an Intermediate/Less Lethal Weapon used primarily for applying pain compliance techniques to combative subjects.

The student will be trained in the carry, deployment, and use of expandable batons in street encounters. The student will also receive training in when the use of an Expandable Baton is appropriate and inappropriate.

It is recommended that each student wear comfortable tactical clothing or athletic clothing (must wear long pants). Students must bring, at a minimum, a duty belt, expandable baton in working condition, and a carrier for the baton. Students with questions as to what equipment to purchase should contact the instructor before the class for advice.


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