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We know how hard it is to function when you just don't know the answer. You have that gut feeling, but you have no proof. You don't want to overreact but you don't want to be taken advantage of either. Please call us if you need help. Let's talk about your situation and get answers. We can meet with you privately to discuss your situation if desired. Top Gun is always discreet and professional. All our services are confidential to protect your privacy. We can help you find the truth you need. Wouldn't it feel good to finally know?

Get the answers-maybe, just maybe you're wrong. Wouldn't it be good to finally know?

Cheating spouses - an interview with Jeff Moore of Top Gun Consulting & Investigations and Clark Gable III of Cheaters on Great Day Houston. Jeff Moore offers tips and suggestions on how to catch a cheating spouse.

How Long Do Infidelity Investigations Take?

In most of our experience we can have the answer in a week or two. Sometimes longer if they are a careful cheater. It also depends upon out of town travel. If they only travel once a month or so, then we will have to wait until travel plans have been made and act accordingly. Our infidelity investigators can travel across the US or overseas if need be.

Will You Update Me Daily on the Investigation?

Yes, the client does receive updates. Daily updates are given the day after the surveillance is performed. These verbal updates are general in nature to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation. For the safety of our investigators and the success of the investigation it is very important that the subject be unaware of any investigation. We always present our findings in a detailed written report once we have completed our investigation.

Private Investigators Available in the Following Locations

We are licensed to provide private investigative services within the state of Texas including the AustinDallasHouston and San Antonio areas. Let us give you peace of mind. Contact one of our infidelity investigators today to discuss your case.

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