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Background Checks San Antonio

When you’re looking for thorough background and screening services for businesses or individuals, put your trust in people who know a thing or two about how to look for the important details. It’s never been a more critical time to protect ourselves, and technology has sometimes made things a double-edged sword. Do we really understand the people we’re associating with or bringing into our sphere of influence? Before you take a needless leap of faith, reach out to Top Gun Investigations to get you the San Antonio background checks that you need.

Pre-Employment Background Checks in San Antonio

Several employers are under the burden of making sure that prospective employees are going to be productive before they spend time, money, and manpower integrating them into the workplace. Plus, there are certain legal obligations that many industries have to make sure that certain individuals are barred from certain job sites or careers based on their background of skills or public records. Thankfully, Top Gun Investigations offers extensive employee background screening services that allow you to rest easy knowing that the right people are chosen for the job.

Civil & Criminal Background Checks in San Antonio

Our skillset doesn’t stop at just helping employers uncover information about prospective employees. Top Gun Investigations has been providing both civil and criminal background checks in San Antonio for legal matters ranging from child custody cases to asset searches with a reach that stretches nationwide. Our team is highly-qualified to locate even the most elusive of individuals for the sake of helping legal professionals properly administer justice.

In general, our talented investigators in San Antonio will screen individuals for:

  • previous employment verification
  • education verification
  • criminal convictions
  • prior address verification
  • misdemeanor convictions
  • driving records
  • sex offender lists

Please don't wait any longer to cover all your needs.

Our staff has the capacity to screen for multiple individuals across any field so that no stone is left unturned. If you’re ready to work with the most thorough background check investigators in San Antonio, then reach out to us with a phone call or email today.