Bodyguards in Dallas, TX

Are you in need of a professional bodyguard? Top Gun Security offers only the best, licensed bodyguards across all of Texas and beyond. Regardless if you’re a traveling celebrity or a working professional on a trip, our bodyguards have ensured the bodily integrity of everyone from politicians to everyday working men and women. We protect more than just single individuals; our bodyguards are able to perform protection services for families and businesses.

Nothing but the Best

Top Gun Security’s bodyguards in Dallas put the “p” in both protection and professionalism. Don’t rely on clumsy, oafish guards that will only be an embarrassment to be seen with. How can a bodyguard keep you safe if they can’t stop tripping over their own two feet?

We Provide Top-Notch Bodyguards

Our bodyguards go through a leveled training and evaluation system akin to that of United States service members, and we ensure that no bodyguard is deployed without a thorough skills background evaluation. Our strict bodyguard standards are one of the reasons why we attract many former military and law enforcement veterans to our company: the best want to work with the best. So don’t you deserve the best in turn?

Bodyguard Training

Top Gun Security bodyguards in Dallas are not only strong but discrete. Our bodyguards understand the clandestine nature that can come with the job, and they each excel at providing top-tier security while keeping completely discreet. That’s because we’re not just focused on delivering a “warm body” guard to hover around you or your property; we provide a total security solution. All of our bodyguards have been trained and are continually evaluated in the fields of:

  • firearms use
  • disarming assailants
  • body shielding
  • tactical and defensive driving
  • patrol and observance
  • martial arts
  • motorcade drills
  • vehicle ambush drills
  • tactical first aid and medical response
  • hostage rescue
Bodyguard Services in Dallas, TX

Do I Need a Bodyguard in Dallas?

There are many reasons why someone would elect to hire a bodyguard in Dallas:

  • they’re feeling threatened by someone or a group of people
  • they are a target of interest due to their career or wealth
  • they operate in dangerous areas that require in-depth knowledge
  • they value their bodily integrity and understand how that has a knock-on effect relating to their mental health

Elevate Your Crew's Performance

If you have bodyguards that you feel aren’t quite up to snuff, then take advantage of Top Gun Security’s bodyguard training in Dallas to elevate your crew’s performance. We strive to send only the most experienced bodyguards in Texas into the field, frequently surpassing the physical fitness and firearms skill requirements of even police officers!

Please don't wait any longer to cover all your needs.

Top Gun’s bodyguards think critically under stress and perform even under the most daunting of conditions. Don’t wait to hire personal protection until something fateful happens to you or a loved one; reach out to the best bodyguards in Dallas today and experience the peace of mind Top Gun Security delivers!