See Our Newest Level 3 Security Guard Graduates

We are at the midway point of 2021 and the Top Gun Investigations, Body Guard, and Security Consulting staff members are here to celebrate our newest group of graduates from our level 3 security guard certification course.

This 45-hour course teaches students physical instructions on weapon retention, handcuffing, and holds and restraints. Our students were instructed on proper shooting protocol at a shooting range and passed the shooting test.

These students are now qualified to carry a gun which is necessary for their employment in the security field.

Our training program has taught these students all of the necessary skills for them to be successful in their future security job positions. Our staff is excited to see where these level 3 security professionals go in their careers and to meet the new students who will be joining our program!

If you are in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or the Dallas area and are contemplating joining the security field, please contact Top Gun Consulting and Investigations to get enrolled in our security guard training academy!