Protect your Business from Theft

Protect your Business from Theft - Protect your business from theft

It's every business owner's worst nightmare. You arrive at your store one morning, and immediately know something is wrong. Maybe one of your shop windows is smashed, the glass littering the concrete below. Maybe the front door has been forced open and is dangling by its hinges. And when you enter your store, you realize the worst thing of all: your store is completely empty! Someone has broken into your shop and made off with all the goods you'd been hoping to sell. And they haven't only taken your products, they've stolen countless opportunities to sell merchandise, grow your business, and make more money; opportunities you can't get back.

This is a reality for many shop owners each day. Criminals and thieves live in every town, city, state, and country, and they target all kinds of stores. Although loss prevention technologies like security cameras and alarms can help, they're not bulletproof. They can be easily disabled by a savvy thief, or just break on their own. That's why your loss prevention plan needs to include physical security detail.

The benefits of a physical bodyguard
First of all, bodyguards tend to ward off thieves just by their presence. They look imposing and strong, deterring any would-be criminals from disrupting your property. But their benefits don't stop there! Bodyguards can also help during business hours, providing basic customer service (giving directions, caring for the facility, helping customers to their cars, etc.) and assisting with crowd control, even handling crises like fights, drunken and disorderly people, and mobs. They can also watch for and help prevent the secret #1 cause of business theft: theft committed by employees.

Top Gun bodyguards
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