Levels of Security Guard Training Explained

So, you have decided you would like to become a Security Guard. Congratulations on accepting such an honorable calling. You probably know by now that in order to become a Security Guard, you will need to attend a training course. However, when you begin to research courses, you will see that there are many options for different levels and certifications. In this article, we will explain the three levels of trained Security Guard, what qualifications they provide, and the course that needs to be completed in order to reach each level in the workforce.

Level II Security Guard

A level II security guard is the beginning option when it comes to becoming a trained Security Guard. It is considered the "first step". To reach this level, you will need to take a course that consists of one six-hour session that covers security basics. It goes through topics like ethics, prevention, offenses, report writing, emergency response, and more.

Level III Security Guard

A level III security guard has all of the same job opportunities that a level II security guard has, but they can be armed as well. This provides a significantly larger number of job opportunities in what can often be considered more intense job locations. To become a Level III Security Guard, you will need to take part in a 45-hour course that ends with a written test. In this course, you will be trained to carry a weapon, as well as education is given in a mixture of classroom time and physical learning.

Level IV Security Guard

A level IV Security Guard is able to work in personal protection. This opens additional, exciting job opportunities. To become a Level IV Personal Protection Officer, you will need to take a 15-hour course. This course covers topics like personal protection basics, bodyguarding, use of force, and defensive tactics.

While you are planning to become a security guard, decide which course will allow you to have the type of career you are looking for. You can choose one class to take, or you can take a number of the three courses to provide yourself with even more job opportunities in the security field. At Top Gun Security Services in San Antonio, we offer these three courses and more. If you are looking to become a Security Guard in San Antonio, consider Top Gun today.