How to Stay Safe in a Crowded Place

How to Stay Safe in a Crowded Place - How to Stay Safe in a Crowded Place

Large crowds at football games and concerts are a common target for terrorist attacks. The behavior of people at such events can instantly change if something catastrophic were to happen, such as a mass shooting.

Such tragedies can result in physical injury and death if you don't know how to stay safe in a crowd. The panic and confusion can affect your judgment and cause you to react irrationally, jeopardizing your safety.

Here are some tips that can help you stay safe in large crowds:
1. Dress appropriately
A parade or concert is the last place you want to wear heels, short dresses and tight-fitting clothes as running will be difficult. Most minor injuries in large crowds result from simple falls due to dressing inappropriately.
If you want to minimize the risk of falling, wear practical shoes like sneakers and boots. Wear comfortable clothing like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as they don't restrict your flight movement.

2. Have a buddy system
It is easy to get separated at events; thus, you should consider having a buddy system. First, pick a spot in the arena where you can all meet in case of separation. It should be in a well-lit area. Second, if you want to go to the bathroom or food stands, choose a buddy to go with from your small group of friends.
Lastly, always have your phone with you fully charged to communicate with the rest of your group about your whereabouts.

3. Mark all the exists
During a stampede, most people try to get out the same way they came in, increasing their chances of being trampled. Identify several exists at your event, especially the ones close to you, to have alternatives during the panic.
Additionally, try leaving the event earlier to minimize your chances of being caught in a stampede.

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