Does your company have an active shooter plan in place?

Does your company have an active shooter plan in place? - Does your company have an active shooter plan in place?

From January 1 to November 5, 2017, there were 307 shootings. In each incident four or more people were injured or killed, according to a recent study. The same study found that based on FBI data, in 2013 7 out of 10 active shootings occurred in a school or business environment. While these statistics are shocking and upsetting, hopefully, they will also make companies aware of the importance of having an active shooter plan in place. Below we discuss 3 important reasons for creating an active shooter plan…

1. Each building and company is different

While you may have been taught the "run, hide, fight" method, this information is not effective enough on its own. For example, your building may offer limited hiding spaces or be situated in a remote location. When you are in a crisis your mind is unable to make rational choices so you may end up running or hiding ineffectively, putting yourself at risk. The only way to combat this is to have a clear strategy in mind, so if a crisis should occur you can just follow procedure and know what your safest options are.

2. Spreading awareness

You may have misconceptions about active shooting plans being made to scare and worry employees. This is simply not the case. Active shooting plans are not made based on fear, rather they are made to protect companies and individual employees. By following survival tips and creating a plan customized to your company, you are spreading awareness, not fear.


Naturally, the best defense against an active shooter attack is to prevent it from ever happening. An active shooter plan will give you a plan of action should an attack take place but also educate employees about signs to look out for to prevent an active shooter. Antisocial behavior and threatening emails, for example, are all things that could be ignored if employees aren't made aware of their potentially dangerous consequences.

Top Gun Security Consulting

Protection officers and bodyguards can help save lives in an active shooter situation. At Top Gun Security Consulting, we believe being prepared for an active shooting can save lives. For more information on our services or how to devise an effective active shooter plan, do not hesitate to contact us. Take the step to save lives today.