Crime trends in Houston and how we can help!

Crime trends in Houston and how we can help!

We are lucky to be experiencing a decrease in overall crime in the Greater Houston area, but that doesn't mean that security doesn't remain an important issue. If you are a business owner or a high-net-worth individual, having a robust security plan is always a must. Burglaries and thefts remain higher than anyone would like and having an action plan to keep one's property and possessions safe is always a good idea.

Why Professional Security is Always Helpful
Keeping yourself, your family or your business protected is our specialty. Think of the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have highly trained professionals taking care of everything for you.

  • Retail security can help to protect your business from theft by both customers and staff
  • Perimeter security services protect your commercial properties from trespass, vandalism, and burglary
  • Personal security services protect high-profile residents from unwanted attention from fans and the paparazzi, while also keeping you safe
  • Neighborhood patrols protect your home and valuable from theft and keep your family safe from physical harm

At Top Gun Security we pride ourselves on providing residents in the Houston area with the security they need. Our team provides complete personal care that is tailor-made to fit your specific needs and requirements. There is no need to live in fear, as we can establish a comprehensive security protocol that protects your safety, possessions, and businesses.

If it's time to up your security game, it's time to talk to Top Gun. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to review your security and safety needs.

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