What's The Difference Between Level 2, 3 & 4 Security Guards?

Level II Security Guard
A level II security guard is the beginning option for security guards. Training for Level 2 security guards consists of one six-hour session that covers security basics. It covers topics including ethics, prevention, offenses, report writing, emergency response, and more. (We as a company do not employ Level II Guards. Due to the lack of training, experience, and lack of professionalism, we feel this level of Guard is a huge liability for our clients and for us, as a company.)

Premier (Level III) Security Professional

Top Gun Body Guard, Investigations & Security Consulting, a cut above the rest, is now proud to offer our new "Premier" (Level Three) Security Professional Services in Texas. What makes our new "Premier" Guards the "BEST," you ask?

First of all, we require every "Premier” Security Professional to complete and successfully pass a MMPI - (psychological test). This test must be successfully completed to maintain employment with our company. Our testing requirements go well above and beyond the States' regulations. This is another step that Top Gun is taking to ensure you and your company hire the best possible security guard for your needs.

Furthermore, our "Premier" Security Professionals must continue their ongoing training. Top Gun's requirement is that each of our "Premier" officers must commit to and obtain the Level 4 (PPO) certification, also known as a "Personal Protection Officer." All of our officers are required to complete their certification within their first 90 days to remain employed in the Top Gun "Premier" Security Division.

What does this mean for you, "OUR" future clients? Not settling for the lowest trained security guards in the industry. Think about this, do you really want the lowest trained and lowest paid "regular" security guard unarmed or carrying around a weapon at your business? NO!!

We feel the same way! That is why Top Gun decided to go well above our competition and created the "New" Rolls Royce of our profession— the "Premier" Security Professional. Most of our "Premier" professionals already have Military or Law Enforcement training / backgrounds.

In conclusion, what this means for you, our new client, is you will have a more professional, highly trained, better equipped and higher paid "Premier" officer that no other company can even come close to!

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Premier (Level III) Security Professionals are in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas

Our team of Premier Officers provides top-notch protection and peace of mind that can't be beaten.

Security Guard Houston TX

Premier (Level III) Security Professional Services include but are not limited to:

  • Health Care Facility Security
  • Senior Living Facility Security
  • Employee Safety
  • Corporate Asset Protection
  • Building Protection
  • Financial Institution Security
  • Industrial Security
  • School and Private Montessori Security
  • High-End Apartment and High Rise Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Residential Security (Gated Communities, Condos, etc.)
  • Site and Asset Protection
  • Civil Case I Civil Standby Protection
  • Concerts I Performers I Event Security
  • Work Place Violence (Civil) standbys
  • Domestic Violence (Civil) standbys
  • Child Custody Issues I Family Issues Protection
  • Divorce I Separation Protection, Protective Order Protection, Stalking Protection

(All of the above listed services are done by a uniformed officer.)

"Be Proactive, don't wait until you need security ... by then it's too late!"

We offer versatile Premier services for both businesses and individuals. Your security needs can be customized to suit your needs, so you never have to worry about your own safety, the safety of your loved ones, or the safety of your personal assets again. Top Gun's professional team will put together a comprehensive security plan for yourself or your business to make sure you have all the protection you need to stay safe.

Need a Higher Level of Security?

If your needs are greater than what you have just read, we offer a Signature (Level IV) Security Professional program. Top Gun's Signature Personal and Executive Division is second to none. Our team consists of highly trained/licensed officers, many with prior law enforcement or military experience.

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Premier (Level III) Security Professional