Congratulations to our Level 3 Security Guard Graduates

Top Gun Investigations, Body Guard, and Security Consulting are proud to share about the newest graduates from our level 3 security guard certification course.

Throughout this 45 hour course, students learn physical instructions on handcuffing, weapon retention, and holds and restraints. These individuals are also instructed at a shooting range and must pass a shooting test in order to qualify to carry a gun for their future employment.

These licenses can be taken to any security job the graduates apply for and are good for 2 years from the date it is issued.

Through hard work and dedication, these students have completed the necessary level 3 security course from our training facility.

We will continue to track these level 3 security professionals' progress and will be here to provide them with the necessary training and tools to have them excel in their prospective security careers.

If you're getting started in the security field and or needing to get recertified, please contact Top Gun Consulting and Investigations to get enrolled in our training academy today!