Advanced Security Guard Training

Take Your Career Further

Security guards who carry weapons must pass an advanced security guard training. In addition to the Level 2 training that takes six hours, armed guards learn more skills. It makes sense. Carrying a weapon is an enormous responsibility. So, extra training is needed. Specifically, in Texas, 40 hours of training is required for this advanced security guard training certification.

In order to be eligible to carry a weapon, you must sign up for a class that will certify you as a Level 3 Security Officer. At Top Gun Consulting, this class is offered in Houston.

Class Details Part 1

An officer who carries a gun is responsible for learning a variety of different topics, as well as passing several tests. This class provides a combination of classroom time and physical instruction. Topics covered include handcuffing, holds and restraints, and weapon retention. This is similar to trainings that police officers undergo.

Class Details Part 2

Next, you will practice shooting your weapon at the firing range. Being confident in firing your weapon, and showing instructors that you are capable of doing so, is crucial. If you have any hesitations with your weapon, you should practice before taking this course.

It is important to note the different requirements depending on what type of gun you use. For example, you will be required to pass a different shooting test if you carry a shotgun and carrying a pistol will require passing a different shooting test vs. carrying a semiautomatic gun.

Obtaining a certificate of completion at the end requires passing several different components. First, you must pass using your weapon at the firing range. Next, complete a written exam with a passing score. After successfully completing both of these, you will receive a certificate of completion.