Rick Coker

Director of Operations and Protective Services

Rick has vast experience in both Law Enforcement (Retired Deputy Sheriff/Collin County Sheriff Department and Police Officer/Jersey Village PD) and the Private Security Services Industry with a combined total of 32 years of experience. His background consists of rankings (in Law Enforcement) from Senior Deputy/FTO, Plain Clothes Warrant Division Detail Supervisor, Lead Protection Deputy for protective details (CCSD), and Senior Patrol Officer (JVPD) along with various rankings in the Private Security Industry of Vice President/CCTV Division (Denver Burglar Alarm), Deputy Chief (Medusa Security), Chaplain, Sales/Special Assignments Director, and Protective Services Division Director (Top Gun Consulting).

Besides handling the duties/responsibilities of his day to day activities with Top Gun Consulting, Rick also is a Protective Services Leader for one of Houston’s/the Country’s major Churches, which requires him to travel with the Church/Family from time to time.

In addition to his Law Enforcement and Private Security background, Rick also has many years in the Corporate sector with many Fortune 500 Companies such as General Electric, Haliburton/Otis Engineering, Millicom International Telecommunications, PrePaid Legal Services just to name a few. He has served in different capacities with these various companies, from positions of Senior Level Management to Executive Level Management positions. Furthermore, Rick has vast worldwide travel experience ranging from Europe to Africa and from North America to South America giving him a lot of working exposure to multi cultures and very diverse ranges of people skills. Rick’s Corporate experiences mainly focused on the duties of Sales Training/Sales Management, Recruiting, Managing of Teams, Departments and Divisions as well as performing Corporate Speaking engagements.

Rick’s studies/education ranges from Business Management/Marketing @ Texas Tech University (3.0 GPA), Petroleum Engineering @ Otis School of Engineering (3.98 GPA), Cedar Valley College Police Academy (4.0 GPA), along with being Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and being an Ordained Minister.

Rick’s Law Enforcement and Private Security Training/Certifications includes:

Law Enforcement Training Academy (732 hours); Plus - ASP Tactical Baton; U.S. DOT Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course for Law Enforcement; Aerosol Subject Restraint with Application; Defensive Tactics/Tactical Baton/Side Handle Baton; TCIC/NCIC Training; Radar Certification; Personal Protection/Executive Protection Specialized Training conducted by the US Secret Service (Denver, CO), Specialized Training in CCTV/Card Access Security Assessments, License to Carry (DPS) Handgun Instructor/LTC License along with Security Officers Licenses in (Level II, III and IV) as well as Security Managers License (Qualified Manager), Private Investigators License and Security Sales License all approved by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Private Security Board (PSB).

Rick is very excited and very honored to be a part of such an exceptional organization with such outstanding leadership and now playing a contributing role on a Team with such an incredible number of combined years of experience in Law Enforcement, Private Security, and the Military. Looking forward to seeing where God is going to take Top Gun…With God All things are Possible!