What is PPO?

Personal Protection Officer

PPO stands for personal protection officer, and if you worry for your personal safety, you might benefit from hiring one. PPOs are often referred to as bodyguards. A PPO is trained in defense and combat techniques that they will use to keep you safe should you fall in harm's way. They are often former military or law enforcement officers and are able to transition their training in that area to working as a PPO for prominent individuals who need extra protection.

PPO Training

Personal protection officers go through extensive training to work in this position, even if they already have military experience. This ensures that they are prepared for every situation they might encounter while protecting you. They train in multiple styles of combat and defense strategies so that they are able to physically protect you. They have also been trained in conflict resolution so that they can help you de-escalate a situation if the need arises. Finally, they are able to protect high-value assets that you need to carry with you throughout the day.

PPO Services

A PPO's main purpose is just to make you feel more comfortable while going about your daily life if you regularly feel in danger. They will learn about your personal situation and why you feel threatened, and then develop strategies to ensure that you don't come face to face with this threat. This includes not only physically protecting you, but also planning your travel throughout the day so that you aren't in a vulnerable position. They will also protect you while you are at home by keeping watch for intruders. They can even serve as event security if you are hosting and don't feel comfortable handling everything on your own.

PPOs can be life-changing for anyone who struggles with feeling unsafe in their day to day life. They are helpful for a variety of different situations, from celebrity protection and protection from domestic violence to protection during a high profile legal case, just to name a few examples. If you feel unsafe, contact us today to get the protection you need to live safely.