What do K-9 Security Dogs Do?

What do K-9 Security Dogs Do?

You’ve probably seen dogs at sporting events or the airport that assist people with security related tasks. But, exactly what do k-9 security dogs do? Besides give bystanders a smile, these dogs have a serious role in security and undergo extensive training in order to be a security dog.

Specific Breeds

Not all dogs are created equal in the security world. Some breeds are more desirable for becoming k-9 trained than others. German Shepherds are top picks and if you’ve ever seen a security dog, most likely is was this breed. Other popular breeds are Blood Hounds, Boxers, Rottweilers and Labrador Retrievers.

Specific Duties

K-9s are police dogs that are a play on the word “canine” (which means dog). K-9 security dogs can be used in the public or private sector and assist guards with a variety of functions. For example, k-9s can assist with drug sniffing or bomb sniffing. Criminals know as soon as a k-9 arrives that they will be caught since their noses are specially trained to sniff out even the slightest trace of illegal substances like drugs or explosives. These types of k-9s can assist security guards who work in apartment complexes.

K-9s can also assist with search and rescue efforts. If someone goes missing, a trained security dog can smell a piece of clothing from that person and is then able to trace their scent if it is detected during a missing persons search.

The two scenarios above show how k-9s can help with crimes, but they are also great for prevention efforts. Consider using a k-9 security dog for executive protection, or in places like shopping malls, construction sites, or car dealerships. As mentioned above, these dogs are a menacing presence for criminals so they can keep you safe and secure.

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