We have 4 Locations!

Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin TX

Top Gun Security Consulting has four convenient locations, so you can easily take care of all your security needs. We are a Texas-based company with locations in each of the major cities in the state- Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Our corporate office is in the Houston area, and each of our satellite locations are conveniently located in accessible urban areas. At each of our locations, we offer a range of classes to help you get certified in the security industry. If you are interested in becoming a working security professional in Texas, we make it convenient and easy to get started.

From Gun Classes to Bodyguard Training
Our four sites host training for security officers and bodyguards, as well as gun classes. All of our instructors have decades of experience in law enforcement, security, and military professions. In the past, it was difficult to find appropriate training for this industry, so we decided to bring these accessible classes to our students throughout the state. You no longer have to travel to the coasts to get this type of training - you can find it right here in Texas.

Stay Safe in Texas Today
In addition to offering these training classes, we also provide bodyguard and investigative services in all four of our locations. Houston is one of the biggest cities in the United States, and Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio are all growing quickly. This means there's more of a need now than ever for security services in these cities. Each of our locations is staffed with highly trained bodyguards that can provide personal protection, as well as experienced private investigators that can help you feel safer and solve problems the police can't. We even offer security assessments to help you identify potential problems in your facility's security system and address them appropriately. The risk of active shooters is currently higher than it's ever been, which means now is the best time to hire a security guard.

If you live in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio, contact Top Gun Security Consulting today to schedule a consultation. We'll help you stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world with our highly trained professional staff.