Top Gun Infomercial

Top Gun Infomerical

Top Gun Security Academy is located in Houston Texas and we have been in the security training business for over 10 years now.

We are one of the first companies that came out with the level two online training course for level two unarmed security officers. We're proud of the instructor that we use here in Houston and we're very proud of Byron Frank who's a retired federal law enforcement aid agent for over 31 years and he's worked for the department of defense.

Frank comes with a plethora of knowledge information and life skills that he really puts into his classroom is training and does an absolutely phenomenal job. What we teach here at our school is all the security classes that are required by the state and we are continuously adding other classes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can't get a lot of people together as the online class and so we like offering the online class opportunities.

Watch the video to learn more about our online training academy and what we can offer you and your future security career.