Online Security Training Benefits

A new way to train

Until recently, security officer trainings were only offered in person. While this is beneficial for hands-on experience, it is not so convenient for the majority of people with busy lives. Enter online security trainings. There are many online security training benefits. Read on for a few of our favorites.

  1. No driving. Perhaps the biggest draw of all. No driving means no traffic, which can save you a lot of time in Texas! Not having to drive to a physical course, especially in Houston, can save you several hours off the road. Not to mention the money saved on gas when you can work from home.
  2. No getting dressed up for class. This is another benefit of working from the comfort of your own home. You can work in comfortable clothes and in a comfortable space.
  3. No having to sit in class for 6 hours. If you work better in front of a screen, an online class is right for you. It can be nice to take notes electronically and reference your work on the screen vs. having to take notes by hand. If you miss something the instructor says, it’s easier to go backward in an online class.
  4. Save money on the cost of course. Although it might not seem like a lot, when you work from home you can eat your meals in your house vs. having to pay for breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner for the day.
  5. Able to fit the course into your personal schedule. Having flexibility is key for those with busy schedules!
  6. Able to download your certificate (which can be saved, printed, emailed, etc.). When you go to apply for jobs, having an electronic copy of your exam certificate will be invaluable. Making copies or possibly losing the one copy you have will cause a headache down the road!

If you are considering a career in security and live in Texas, we would love to enroll on you in our online class offerings.