Level 4 Security Guards

Level 4 Security Guards - Level 4 Security Guards

In today’s security market, clients are looking for the best company out there to go with. When we started Top Gun Body Guard, Investigations & Security Consulting, we kept that idea in mind.

In Texas, there are three levels of security guards. There are Level 2 security officers, who are unarmed and get about 6 hours of training. Then there are Level 3 security guards and security officers who can carry a weapon and get around 45 hours of training, which is much more extensive than the training of the Level 2 Security Officer. However, the highest training one can get in Texas as a security officer or a security guard is the Level 4 security guard also known as a “Personal Protection Officer” or, in short, a “PPO.” These security guards get all three levels of training and most come from law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Our President, Rebecca Moore, stated: “It was time for a company to come out and make a standard for higher-educated and trained security officers.” She went on to say “Our clients really can notice the difference in our Level 4 security officers.” That was our main goal. So if you are looking for a security company to choose, why work your way up from the bottom when you can start off at the top? So choose Top Gun Body Guard, Investigations & Security Consulting for your next company to protect your loved ones, company, or your assets.