Level 2 Security Officer Class Breakdown

Security Officer Training

Starting your Security Career

First, you have your high school diploma. Next, you decide you want to be a security guard. What happens during your first security class? In Texas, there are specific requirements that you must master before becoming a security guard. Here is a Level 2 security officer class breakdown.

Class Type

Top Gun offers two types of Level 2 security officer classes. There are online and in person options. The online class is a first of its kind in the state of Texas. With the online version, a student can take the class on most devices that have internet. Houston is home to the in-person class on different weekdays (9am-3pm), and includes hands on experience. Since you are the student, deciding on whether the in-person or online version depends on your preferences. Each class lasts for six hours. Afterwards, you complete a 50 question test.


Both the online version and the in-person version of the class cost $65 and can be paid for by credit card or PayPal.


The class covers a variety of different content. Topics include important information that you will need as you encounter various situations in your new career. These include:

  • Prevention and Deterrence
  • Ethics
  • Perception of the officer
  • Liaison between the police and client
  • Observation and Reporting
  • Emergency Response
  • Offenses and Arrest
  • Types of offenses
  • Radio Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Texas Penal Code

We hope this Level 2 security officer class breakdown was useful. Since reading, are you interested in signing up? If so, click here to get started today. We look forward to having you as a student!