How to stay safe on New Years eve & every other day!


The New Year is in, and the old one is out: what better time for having fun and attending one party after another? However, as you welcome the New Year the only way you know how, keep in mind that your safety comes first. Here are six tips for staying safe on New Year’s Eve:

Map Out Your Activities
A lot of things have both a positive and a negative side, and unfortunately, New Year's Eve is one of them. Having a clear idea of where you intend to go and what you plan to do keeps you from hopping from one impromptu event to another and risking landing in the wrong place.

Inform Others of Your Whereabouts
This might sound obvious and entirely uncalled for, but it has saved many lives before. When someone knows where you are, it becomes easy to locate you in case something happens and you need help. It is in your best interest to let the people who care about you know your destination beforehand.

Bring a Friend
People get lost, sick, injured or too wasted to tell their arms and legs apart. Going to an event solo is usually a bad idea. Bring a family member or a friend, set up rendezvous points and agree to check on each other regularly.

Ensure Transportation is Catered For
You are probably wasted and the ride you hitched to the party left without you. You are on your own, and the next thing you do is hitch a ride with a stranger - sound familiar? You certainly don't want to star in your own horror movie. Plan for transportation in advance. Hire a taxi to take you and also pick you up.

Keep Your Valuables Safe
You will be mingling with all kinds of characters, and you won't know which ones are questionable. If you can't afford to lose that Chanel clutch or that Piaget necklace, leave it behind or find a way to keep it secure. Don't carry loads of money, but carry what is necessary. Don’t keep all your money in one place; hide some elsewhere just in case.

Bring an Extra Battery or Charger
You’ll probably be taking lots of selfies, so even if your phone is fully charged, there’s still a chance it might run out of power. Your phone can be your lifeline. Make sure you pack your charger or an extra battery.

Sometimes all it takes to stay safe is simple routine and caution. Why not dedicate your first New Year's resolution to doing all you can to stay safe?