How Security Guards Save Money

How Security Guards Save Money - How Security Guards Save Money

Security Doesn’t Have to be Costly

Hiring a security guard may seem like a big expense at first, but did you know that they can increase your bottom line in the long run? The presence of security at your business increases safety. When employees and customers feel safe, there is more productivity and more sales. Here are our favorite ways how security guards can save you money.

Top 5 Ways How Security Guards Save Money

  1. Decrease crime. If you work at a business that deals with large amounts of cash (like a gas station or market) or your business is a theft target (like a shop or boutique), an onsite security guard provides a big warning for potential criminals. They will be caught if they decide to steal from you! This is also true for employees. They can get sticky fingers, but if an officer is standing by, they will be less likely to risk taking money or goods. A high fine, losing their job, or even jail time is not so appealing.
  2. Decrease stress. Security guards let business owners spend more effort on tasks that increase the bottom line and drive up sales. Security guards put less stress on business owners to worry about theft or coming into harms way.
  3. Increase surveillance. Do you have closed circuit TV at your place of business? Is anyone watching it? Or, is it your responsibility to keep track of the tapes? An unarmed guard can view the video footage. This frees up employees’ time to do more important things for business operations.
  4. Increase employee work satisfaction. Employees who feel safe and secure are better workers. Having security offers peace of mind and helps employees feel safer, making them happier with their jobs. This will encourage them to work harder and better, creating more money for you.
  5. Increase in employee and customer safety. Along the same lines, an unarmed security guard can offer to walk employees and customers to their vehicles if they do not feel safe. Customers who feel safe are more likely to do business with you again. Employees are more likely to feel happier and ready to work if they are not stressing about their safety. These two things will increase the likelihood of driving up your sales.

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