Hiring Considerations for Security Guards

Hiring Considerations for Security Guards

Make a Smart Hire

How do you know that a security guard is experienced and qualified? How do you know that the company is reputable? Being by researching companies in your area. After you narrow it down, you will want to talk to each business. Be sure to ask questions about their staff and their procedures. Here are three key hiring considerations for security guards, and why they are so important.

Three Key Considerations

Number One. Does the company offer employee training? Employee training ensures that guards have a consistent set of rules and protocols to follow. Otherwise, you may get several people who don’t know how to work together. They may have different objectives if an emergency situation occurred.

Also along these lines, if the company offers armed guards (like we do at Top Gun Consulting) you will want to check that they receive the highest training. There is much more risk involved when the guard is carrying a weapon.

Number Two. Does the company screen employees? Security guards should have regular drug testing. The company should also perform a background check on them prior to hiring.

Number Three. Does the company require certain education? Unarmed security guards are typically required to have at least a high school diploma, or GED. However, some companies may not require this. At Top Gun Consulting, we ensure that our unarmed guards also take an additional eight hour course. This is to make sure they are comfortable and well versed in job responsibilities. A good guard also may have a background in formal education related to criminal justice. Individuals with this educational background should be hired over someone who does not, if possible.