Cyber Security Explained

Cyber Security Explained

Internet Safety

In today’s world, everyone uses the internet daily. We spend hours in front on screens. Staying safe on the internet is a real thing and it’s called cyber security. Cyber security protects digital networks, databases and files from online threats, attacks or unauthorized access.

Think of all the important information that you have on your computer. Not only can cyber security impact businesses, but your personal information is also at risk. Bank passwords and social security numbers are probably stored in the device you are using to read this post. If someone can access your phone or computer, they can also access your most personal information.

The Crime

How do cyber criminals commit crimes? Besides stealing physical objects that have sensitive information on browsers, what else can they do? These criminals can do a number of other tricky things. Crimes can happen in business and in personal settings. At home, cyber crimes can be things like spouses hiding important financial information from one another. They may think that the hidden information is safe and secure, but cyber security experts can track it down. This also includes personal things like infidelity too.

Cyber criminals think that they have covered their tracks, but a good cyber investigator will be able to uncover their trail electronically. For example, in the business setting, an employee could be slowly stealing company data for years. A cyber investigation can help prove that the employee has stolen information by sifting through web browsing data, emails, and other electronic venues.

Cyber investigators, like the ones at Top Gun Consulting, are trained to do this. If you are concerned about your cyber safety and live in Texas, contact us for more information.