Unarmed Protection Officers for Active Shooters

Active Shooter Protection Officer

Protecting Your Life
Like we’ve discussed in the past, protection officers / body guards can help save lives in an active shooter situation. In most cases, armed guards are your best defense for an active shooter. Why? Because armed guards have weapons that can help to fight off an active shooter. But, that’s not to say that unarmed guards are useless in active shooter situations. Rather, unarmed guards for active shooters can also help to save lives. Here’s how.

Crisis Mode
When an active shooting takes place, everyone is in crisis mode. Unarmed guards for active shooters can alleviate that crisis feeling. An unarmed guard will be the first person that people contact when there’s an active shooting in the building. Unarmed guards are trained to help with the aftermath of this hectic time.

Reaching Safety
First, they will try to get as many people to safety as possible, using evacuation routes that are not dangerous. Secondly, unarmed protection officers will alert authorities to the fact that there is a shooter on the premises. Unarmed guards also have the ability to monitor the situation closely. If the building has security cameras, there is a good chance that the unarmed PPO is familiar with them, and they may even have access to the room with the cameras. If this is possible, a guard may be able to pinpoint the exact location of a shooter and steer others away from danger. The ability to monitor closed circuit cameras during active shooting can be a huge advantage.

A Liaison
Finally, unarmed guards for active shooters are helpful in speaking with authorities. While most people are full of panic during and after an active shooting, unarmed guards have training on how to report incidents like these to authorities. Although this may seem like a small detail, gathering as much evidence as possible is crucial in these situations, especially if the shooter is still at large. In fact, unarmed guards can help to locate a shooter on the run quickly if they report as much information as possible. Furthermore, having evidence from security cameras that they monitor may even expedite this process further.

Although no one wants to picture an active shooter situation, being prepared is your best line of defense for staying safe and preventing serious injury or death. Having a body guard or personal protection officer (PPO) on the premises can be life-saving. Contact Top Gun for information.

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